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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greece faces death by a thousand cuts

More on Greece, and its unnecessary and now prolonged suffering:

Greece faces death by a thousand cuts unless it leaves the euro - Telegraph: "Repeated rounds of austerity are proving self defeating, which makes it virtually certain that Greece will eventually have to come back for more. What are Europe's paymasters to demand then? . . . What is more, experience in Argentina and other countries that have both devalued and defaulted suggest that the economic shock of exiting a fixed exchange rate is relatively short lived. Once competitiveness has been restored by devaluation and default, growth prospects improve dramatically. The short sharp shock of exit is very likely better than the death by a thousand cuts implied by continued membership. . . . Consider now what this grim choice of death by a thousand cuts involves. What Greece has in essence committed itself to is an internal devaluation lasting years, if not decades into the future. There is no discernible end to the austerity; year after year, it grinds remorselessly on. Even if everything goes according to plan, which seems deeply unlikely on the record so far, it takes until 2020 to reduce the national debt to 120pc of GDP, a level still far too high to be remotely sustainable. In addition to having to run big primary surpluses into the indefinite future, Greece also faces a massive hit to nominal wages and living standards . . . There is not a hope of Greece growing its way back to debt sustainability while still in the euro. As things stand, capital is leaving the country by whatever means available . . . ."


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