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Friday, February 24, 2012

Eurozone: dead end zone?

Despite the second "bailout deal" for Greece, things still look dismal for the Eurozone

German showdown with IMF looms as Bundestag blocks rescue funds - Telegraph: "Europe can’t find a solution because there isn’t one."

So, what would your plan for Greece be? — Crooked Timber: "I don’t have a solution myself – the more I end up discussing this with people, the more I am reminded of the London Business School proverb taught on some of the gnarlier case studies, which is “Not All Business Problems Have Solutions”."

Euro Agonistes - NYTimes.com by Paul Krugman: "Euro exit would allow a quick devaluation, solving the competitiveness problem — but it would be hugely disruptive and would generate vast ill-will, so it’s hard to see any government taking that step until there really are no alternatives (which may soon be true for Greece, but not the others). So there’s a kind of trap. If you imagine yourself as the Prime Minister of such a country, what can you do? For the most part, I’m afraid, you plead with the troika to make the austerity demands less severe, you do what you can to accelerate improving competitiveness (which isn’t much), and you wait for things either to get gradually better via “internal devaluation” or to get worse and provide the economic and political environment in which euro exit becomes a real possibility. It’s a hell of a way to make economic policy, but I don’t see any magic bullets."

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