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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ann Coulter takes Republicans to the woodshed

I may not agree with her often--but she is smart and on this subject definitely "on point," and obviously has "had it" with the "delusional" people who now (apparently) comprise the Republican party:

Ann Coulter - February 22, 2012 - WHAT'S THEIR PROBLEM WITH ROMNEY?: " . . . . The obsession with sticking it to the Establishment (which includes Christine O'Donnell, but excludes Bill Kristol) by voting for a loose cannon demagogue or a crusading Catholic who can't seem to move the conversation past contraception is as pie-in-the-sky delusional as anything dished by Democrats . . .  if reducing contraception use, lobbying for Freddie Mac and promoting huge government programs such as moon colonies and No Child Left Behind are the best ways to create jobs, then it could be true that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are our strongest candidates in a general election. Of course, it might also be true that dousing yourself in fairy dust does not guarantee that you will find the perfect mate and get the perfect job. We're being asked to hand Obama another four years in the White House in order to "send a message." To whom? And what message? That we're morons? Message received! . . . "

On this one, I'm with you Ann!


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