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Monday, February 13, 2012

Privacy: Something Lost, Nothing Gained?

You already have zero privacy. Get over it. - Scott G. McNealy CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc (1999)

Worth reading--

They Know You're Reading This - Forbes: "Pennsylvania professor Joseph Turow explains how you’re tracked in the modern world. 'Websites, advertisers, and a panoply of other companies are continuously assessing the activities, intentions, and backgrounds of virtually everyone online; even our social relationships and comments are being carefully and continuously analyzed. In broader and broader ways, computer-generated conclusions about who we are affect the media content — the streams of commercial messages, discount offers, information, news, and entertainment — each of us confronts. Over the next few decades the business logic that drives these tailored activities will transform the ways we see ourselves, those around us, and the world at large. Governments too may be able to use marketers’ technology and data to influence what we see and hear.'

"They are watching. 

"And they know you’re reading this right now. And it’s not like you can just go offline and avoid the tracking. If you get a postcard advertising a lung cancer screening from your local hospital, it’s not by coincidence. Everything about the offline you is being shared across corporations as well. In the age of data mining, it just takes a few clicks to piece together enough information about your age, address, income, and insurance status to figure out if you’re a likely smoker and therefore a good target for a lung screening pitch."


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