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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iowa’s joke on all of us

Glad to see the following as there is no justification for having the Iowa Caucus before the Primary States have voted. Iowa should justifiably lose its place in the voting order. Too much is riding on the results of early states, and Iowa is not "up to it" as far as running a reliable election via caucus. In fact, while they are reforming the system--why have any non-binding primary or non-binding caucus elections at all?

Caucus system under fire - Emily Schultheis - POLITICO.com: "The presidential caucus system is under attack after embarrassing contests in Iowa and Nevada put on national display missing ballots, endless counting delays and lots of confusion. The result is Republican activists calling for big change to the antiquated system, particularly to the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses. “All the candidates are out there slogging around at Christmastime and New Year’s, and then they produce a non-result result and they can’t even get the count right,” said David Norcross, a former Republican National Committee general counsel and New Jersey GOP committeeman. Norcross told POLITICO that Iowa’s Jan. 3 caucuses were “numbingly stupid.” “How foolish is it for everyone to go to Iowa the first week in January when there are no delegates selected and they can’t even get the vote right? It’s just a joke, it’s Iowa’s joke on you and all of us.”"


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