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Monday, February 6, 2012

Caveat Romney: Obama Campaign on Lookout

As I've said before, the Republicans will either nominate Mitt Romney and have a chance of winning the White House or nominate someone else and ensure the re-election of Barack Obama.  The Obama campaign knows this--

Obama Campaign on Lookout for Romney Flubs - NYTimes.com: "In the rarefied world that is dedicated to getting Mr. Obama re-elected, the battle has never been viewed through the prism of how to beat Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Ron Paul. It has always been about Mitt Romney. . . "

A Republican nomination of Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul would be a gift to the Democrats and Obama campaign.

However, as I've also said before, "If nominated, Romney's election would not be guaranteed--he would have to run a "smart" campaign." What I should have said is the general campaign, in the eyes of the Obama campaign, has already begun, so Romney's recent flubs, while not determinative of the outcome, hardly rate as "smart campaigning." Romney and Obama have miles and miles yet to go. May the best man win.


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