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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Passenger trains from Miami to Orlando - without Obama's "help"

Note to Obama: the government didn't build this--

Passenger trains to run from Miami to Orlando - Miami-Dade - MiamiHerald.com: "The trains, which will be equipped with WiFi and provide a “quality’’ meal service, will cover the 230 miles from Miami to Orlando in three hours and three minutes, significantly faster than it takes to drive. Though fares haven’t been set, prices will be comparable both to the cost of flying and operating a car to get there, Cumber said. Though not considered high-speed rail, the All Aboard Florida service would fill the breach left when Florida Gov. Rick Scott rejected federal funding last year for high-speed rail service linking Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Scott said the state could not afford to run the service. After months of study, FECI concluded the new passenger service — to be built and operated without public money — would be not just technically feasible but also profitable, given that some 50 million people travel between Miami and Orlando every year, virtually all of them by car. The studies found substantial “pent-up’’ demand for train service connecting the two, Cumber said. The service would be pitched primarily to business travelers and tourists. “We’ve completed due diligence and everything has confirmed our excitement,’’ Cumber said in an interview. “This project is financially viable, and so we’re moving forward with it.’’ Eventually, FECI said, the service could be extended west to Tampa and north to Jacksonville. Cumber said the project would generate 6,000 temporary jobs and 1,000 permanent positions. . . ."


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