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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Digital Media--old media just doesn't get it

From Comcast/NBC's horrific missteps of Olympic coverage to the certainty of continuing declines in mainstream media (paywalls will lead to certain death)--it's clear that old media (at least in the U.S.) just doesn't "get it," so it's no surprise the American public is going elsewhere--like British media--

British invasion hits US online media | News.com.au: "BRITISH media have been making inroads in the US market by invading online space, seizing readers who might otherwise visit websites of American outlets such as Fox News or The New York Times. And, even though US news organisations are widely respected around the world, the Brits are peeling away American readers. According to data from research firm comScore, the tabloid Daily Mail's Mail Online overtook The New York Times last year as the world's biggest newspaper website and held the top spot in June with 44.7 million visitors. Separate data from web analytics site Alexa.com showed The Guardian and BBC websites were among the top 15 news sites, holding their own among CNN, Yahoo! News and others. "In the English-speaking world, the divider of the Atlantic Ocean is ebbing away because of the internet," said Ken Doctor, a media analyst with the research firm Outsell. . . ."If you talk to the major British quality publishers, about a third of their traffic has been over the years in the US, which is a surprise," Doctor said. . . . One factor is how internet news searches work."Google has democratised the sourcing of news, so you are as likely to find a story from the BBC as from Chicago Tribune," Doctor said. "There is an audience of people who want another point of view, there is an expat audience, and you put all those together and it's significant." Rebecca Lieb, analyst with the Altimeter Group, said paywalls on some US sites such as the New York Times have driven readers elsewhere, and social media also can help drive momentum for sites from the British."Tweets and social mentions are becoming a significant driver of traffic to news sites," Lieb said. . . ."

For the best quality journalism in the English-speaking world, I personally recommend The Telegraph.


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