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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney? (video)

Local man bought house from Romney: "Who is Mitt Romney? Some pundits and political opponents have called him aloof, out-of-touch, elite. Back in 2009, Mitt Romney sold his house in Park City, Utah to a retiree from Florida. "We went to the house. There was no brokers or anyone involved, just Mitt," said Hal Prewitt, who maintains an office in Boca Raton and lives in Miami Beach. Last week, Prewitt put his one-on-one experience with "Mitt" on paper, and started circulating the three-page piece on the Internet. He says it has already been downloaded nearly 100-thousand times. He was motivated by what he calls an unfair, media-generated caricature of Mitt Romney as a "country club Republican." "Instead of hiring a moving company to move, and have a bunch of workers, he went to the local home depot, and bought wood and built containers to move his contents," said Prewitt. Prewitt acknowledges that Romney, who some estimate is worth nearly $250 million, has often struggled to show the side of his personality that rents his own U-Haul. "He got in the truck and drove it to California, completely outside the perspective of most Americans," said Prewitt. . . . "

Prewitt's paper here (pdf): http://www.prewitt.net/MittRomneyInsite2012-08-16.pdf


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