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Friday, August 31, 2012

Contextual software or clueless software

The problems with "contextual software" are immense--

Robert Scoble on Google+: "So, now that I've had the Saga app running for a few days. Some feedback on why it sucks:  1. Keeps suggesting things to me that I don't care about (brings more noise into my life). 2. Doesn't let me tell it that those things suck (. . . Just because I live on a golf course doesn't mean I care AT ALL about Golf). 3. Has lots of false detection on where I am and doesn't let me correct it. The other day I was in an Indian restaurant, but it thought I was at work. Sigh. No way to tell it what I was actually doing and where I actually was (the restaurant is in the same building as work). This leads to incomplete and inaccurate information." (Robert Scoble)

Kind of like the people who always "know" what you "need" when in reality they don't have a "clue." Maybe we should call "contextual software" "clueless software."


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