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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The "New" Montauk

Some people just don't like "change"--

Readers Share Their Thoughts On The "New" Montauk - Open Threads - Curbed Hamptons: "Few people smile and say hello anymore. Crossing the street is dangerous and not everyone slows or stops. Trash is everywhere. For God's sake people, . . . toss your butts and trash into a proper receptacle. Like maybe your silly hats (sorry, could not pass on that one). There is more litter on the beach, left by disrespectful visitors (OK, and MAYBE locals but I have NEVER seen that happen.)" "This new breed of city dwellers that are coming out here are rude, self important, and disrespectful to the people who live in Montauk as well as to our beautiful natural surroundings. I have never in my entire life (which has been spent on the east end) seen this many people in Montauk, been scared to walk my dogs on the street because of cars traveling 60 on my little 25mph street, or seen so much litter on the ground everywhere I go. Obviously there is nothing to do to stop these people from coming here but I wish there were some mandatory manners classes offered to them before they were turned loose on our streets."


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