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Saturday, November 10, 2012

TSA iPad theft problem

Forget about terrorists, forget about the "security theater" known as airport screening, the biggest threat to air travel security is now apparently the systemic problem of TSA agents stealing your stuff--

What TSA’s iPad theft problem means for your next flight: "TSA agents seem to have a thing for iPads. Apple’s tablet computers are easy to swipe from unwitting airline passengers and can be sold quickly online, as I noted earlier this year. You’d think the TSA would do something about the wave of thefts reported this spring. But instead, it has apparently done nothing. Less than nothing, if a new investigation from ABC News is to be believed. But the report shines a light on a system that allows more than a few rogue TSA agents to get away with filching your electronics. That institutional flaw also allows other airport employees and airline workers to commit additional crimes against air travelers. The problem may be far bigger than the broadcast suggests. . . ."


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