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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is France a "Luddite" nation?

This is a classic example of old media and government (in this case the French government) joining together to thwart innovation and new technology (in this case Google) merely because it "upsets" the "established order."  Watch Jeff Jarvis enlighten the French and turn the question around: "Are old media and government too powerful?"

Is Google too powerful? - FRANCE 24: "Is Google too powerful?--On the old continent taking on old media, Eric Schmidt meets the French president in a bid to thwart plans to tax links to media websites. Fran├žois Picard’s panel argues over whether the IT giant is stealing money or making it for an ailing French press." 

Jeff JARVIS. Author of "What Would Google Do?" - from New York;
Philippe MOREAU-CHEVROLET. Columnist, Nouvel Observateur;
Olivia PHELIP. Editor-in-Chief, JOL Press;
Waddick DOYLE. Professor, AUP School of Communications.

Produced by Anelise Borges, Fran├žois Picard, Shamira Muhammad, Mary Colombel.

Part 1--http://www.france24.com/en/20121029-debate-Is-Google-too-powerful 

Part 2--http://www.france24.com/en/20121029-debate-Is-Google-too-powerful-part2

Oh, you might need to know the meaning of "luddites"--In modern usage, "Luddite" is a term describing those opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation or new technologies in general. (source: wikipedia)

Apparently, France is becoming a "Luddite" nation.


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