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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Disruptive Innovations Could Cure Health Care

Our health care crisis--the anwer isn't Obamacare (it's just a band-aid, and an expensive one at that). But maybe there is a way out--

Will Disruptive Innovations Cure Health Care? - Harvard Business Review: "Our major health care institutions—medical schools, groups of specialist physicians, general hospitals, research organizations—have together overshot the level of care actually needed or used by the vast majority of patients. Indeed, most players in today’s health care system are in a lockstep march toward the most scientifically demanding challenges. Between 1960 and now, for example, our medical schools and residency programs have churned out specialists and subspecialists with extraordinary capabilities. But most of the things that afflict us are relatively straightforward disorders whose diagnoses and treatments tap but a small fraction of what our medical schools have prepared physicians to do. Similarly, the vast majority of research funding from the National Institutes of Health is aimed at learning to cure diseases that historically have been incurable. Much less is being spent on learning how to provide the health care that most of us need most of the time in a way that is simpler, more convenient, and less costly."

There is a better way--simpler, more convenient, less costly.


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