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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post election analysis: Romney campaign made fundamental bad decisions

Why did Romney lose? It's not "rocket science" as they say--here's the best analysis I've come across (you can watch the video at the BBC link below):

BBC News video - Romney campaign 'made fundamental bad decisions': "Soren Dayton is a Republican strategist and former staffer on John McCain's presidential campaign. Speaking to the BBC's Jon Sopel, he criticised Romney's decision to swing to the right on immigration as, "profoundly damaging and misguided". On the campaign's failure to win over female voters he said, "There were some dumb things said - frankly stupid and profoundly insensitive - that created a problem." Mr Dayton said there were "fundamental bad decisions" which included letting the Obama campaign define who Romney was."

Bottom line: irrespective of your political leanings or candidate preferences, unquestionably the best campaign won.


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