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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All In: General Petraeus, Broadwell and the book

As I write this, I note that Broadwell has taken her website off-line.  She and her (almost silent) co-author Vernon Loeb's book "All In" about David Petraeus, received some endorsing comments prior to recent disclosures.  Wonder if Doris Kearns Goodwin or David Gergen would like to reconsider their published comments, which were used to sell the tome?

All In: Gen. Petraeus: (from cached copy of Broadwell's website)
"Doris Keans [sic] Goodwin, Pititzer [sic] Prize-Winning Author--"This majestic biography will set the standard for all future works about General Petraeus. With superb narrative skills, Broadwell simultaneously provides an intimate look at Petraeus the man, a fascinating account of modern warfare, and an elegant study of leadership."
"David Gergen, Director, Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership--"Teddy Roosevelt once said that it is not enough to be intelligent; a leader must also be honest and fearless. In General David Petraeus (himself a T.R. fan), America has been fortunate to have a soldier-scholar who is all three. Paula Broadwell, soldier-scholar in her own right, tells the Petraeus story masterfully, providing especially rich detail and insight into his Afghanistan mission. This book helps us understand how Petraeus has become the living legend he is.""
So much for Broadwell. Some soldier. Some scholar. She went "All In." Oh, I am sure she will survive--and I won''t be surprised to see her re-surface with her new tell-all book, exercise videos, a spread in Playboy or Hustler, and even her own reality show!


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