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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SkyDrive account suspensions

Came across the following stories which won't stop me from using SkyDrive (which is a great Microsoft cloud service) but I do wonder what exactly caused the SkyDrive account suspensions?

SkyDrive account suspensions prove you can't trust cloud storage | Geek.com: "The issue here is that your personal cloud storage service of choice probably isn’t personal at all. The company providing the storage may monitor content and will likely block access to it without warning if it finds something it doesn’t like. And in the case of Microsoft, that also means you lose other services, too. Such rules cannot apply to an area of personal online storage without some kind of process being in place for the user to review the content deemend unacceptable. Access to other files must also be allowed to continue during a dispute. If a service can’t promise that, then there is no point storing any important files in the cloud because one day you might lose access to them, possibly forever, and never know why. . . . "

SkyDrive brings 1950s censorship to 2012 technology | The Compass Project: "It’s always just a little bit creepy to hear news like this, but WMPoweruser has a story about multiple users who have had their Windows Live accounts suspended over content that was uploaded to their SkyDrive. The recent example that inspired the post was of a user who lost access to his entire Windows Live account, not just SkyDrive. His email, apps, Xbox Live achievements, everything. He had to create a new account and start over. The content that got the user suspended was in a private folder and could not have been accessed by other users. Given just how strict the Windows Live code of conduct is and how much storage space they’ve given away for free, it isn’t hard to imagine that many users will start to run into this problem. Read the first three rules and you might find yourself wanting to double-check the contents of your SkyDrive folder. "


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