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Friday, July 27, 2012

Copyright Trolls and Counter-suits

Remember Righthaven? It was only a matter of time before other alleged copyright trolls became targets--

Accused Movie Pirate Sues for Defamation and Millions in Damages | TorrentFreak: " . . . Fantalis – who says he never downloaded an adult movie in his life – has chosen to put up a fight and has submitted an elaborate counter-suit. In dozens of pages the accused movie pirate explains how Malibu Media and other “copyright trolls” operate. Fantalis accuses these companies of harassment and extortion and also brings up the fact that the technologies that are used to collect IP-addresses are not fool proof. Fantalis further notes that these copyright trolls show their true nature by not asking websites to remove links to their movies. “If the plaintiff companies were truly concerned about protecting their copyrights and preserving profits thereon, one would expect to see such companies take certain actions once they had the IP-addresses and personal information obtained through their investigations and lawsuits,” he argues. According to Fantalis, Malibu Media and others keep these links alive so they can collect data on more potential copyright infringers. In other words, they are fine with people pirating their movies, as that is their business model. . . . "counterclaim

See also Copyright Trolls | Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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