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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hillary Clinton Disqualified by Benghazi

Forget about Whitewater, forget about her disastrous, failed attempt at health care reform (HillaryCare), her "front-runner to loser" campaign against Barack Obama 5 years ago--Hillary Clinton disqualified herself from ever being President of the United States with her despicable performance and failure of leadership, including, but not limited to, her lack of control of her political operatives in the State Department, during the Benghazi episode and its aftermath--

Clinton remains GOP focus as administration defends Benghazi talking points - NBC Politics: " . . . her response to the attacks should disqualify her from a presidential run.  “The evidence we had in January already suggested that Mrs. Clinton ignored repeated requests for more security in Benghazi,” he (Rand Paul) wrote in the Washington Times on Friday morning. “The new evidence we have today — and that continues to mount — suggests that at the very least, Mrs. Clinton should never hold high office again.”"

Rand Paul challenges Hillary Clinton in key Iowa speech - NBC Politics: "Hillary Clinton"--"It was inexcusable, it was a dereliction of duty, and it should preclude her from holding higher office," the Kentucky Republican added to loud applause."


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