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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Benghazi Truths and Disgusting Democrats

Elliott Abrams: Benghazi Truths vs. Washington Politics - WSJ.com: "The hearing deepened the mystery of how Ms. Rice came to say such things. It added a new political wrinkle in the person of Cheryl Mills, whose role was previously unnoticed. Mr. Hicks testified that when a Republican member of the committee, Jason Chaffetz, visited Libya to investigate what had happened, he was instructed that no State Department officer was ever to be alone with the congressman—and that a lawyer was to attend every meeting he had. When the lawyer was excluded from one meeting with intelligence officers because he lacked the security clearances, Mr. Hicks received a furious call from Ms. Mills, who was then chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. We can be confident that Ms. Mills, who represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment hearings and who was counsel to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008, was not calling to guarantee due process. She was calling to protect Hillary Clinton."

Protect from what? The lies, the incompetence of Hillary Clinton?

And to top that off, the House Democrats wasted the entire Benghazi hearing last week grandstanding and doing everything but get to the substance and truth about the whole sad Benghazi saga, and this administration's inept and shameful performance. I have only word for those Democrats--disgusting!


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