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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sequester Blame Game and Zero Leadership from Obama

Observing Obama and his mainstream media sycophants is a bit sickening--the sequester was Obama's idea!--

O’Hare, Midway travelers likely to feel the sting of sequestration - Chicago Sun-Times: " . . . This contrived crisis seem familiar? We just went through this over New Year’s and in order to avoid the Dec. 31 “fiscal cliff” — also a manufactured deadline — Congress postponed the “sequester” until March 1. There is an enormous amount of blame-gaming going on here, and Obama — with his popularity high — has been bashing congressional Republicans in general and the House leadership in particular for not wanting to compromise, figuring they have much more to lose. Congress in 2011 went along with a White House suggestion to install the draconian, across-the-board domestic and defense spending cuts as a way to force each side to bargain, figuring that sane, rational elected officials would stop the sequester. In hindsight, that’s a lot of LOL. . . "

Is there be a better way to get to a sane fiscal policy? Of course. But with dysfunctional Washington and zero leadership from Obama, I'm afraid the clumsy sequester may be the only way forward. People who run their own businesses and C-level executives around the country must be in shock at the inept inability of government bureaucrats and elected officials to prioritize, and cut spending without affecting essential programs and services. Almost all US companies have had to become leaner (and more profitable) since the financial crisis of 2008--cutting redundant products, services, and personnel, and yet, the US government (as bloated and inefficient as it is) is unable to effect the minor cuts required by the sequestration without affecting essential government services? LOL!


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