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Friday, February 15, 2013

Carmen Ortiz - more prosecutorial abuse and misconduct

We are also finding out that the Aaron Swartz case was NOT an isolated case--

Aaron Swartz Unlikely To Face Jail Or Conviction... Until Feds Decided To 'Send A Message' | Techdirt: " . . . . The report above also notes that Ortiz is in some additional hot water, as another one of her overreach cases, involving an attempt to seize a family-owned motel in Massachusetts by claiming that it was "facilitating drug crimes" has failed miserably, tossed out by the magistrate judge. Not only was it noted that there were only 15 drug-related incidents over a 15 year period (during which 196,000 rooms were rented out), but also, the motel owners worked closely with local police to deal with drug issues and that other local businesses that had drug incidents were not targeted by Ortiz."

Is anyone capable of stopping these out-of-control prosecutions? Is the whole DOJ this out of control?

By the way--who is ultimately in charge and responsible: Eric Holder or Barack Obama? Ever hear anything said about any of this from either? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?


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