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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wingnuts, yahoos, and the GOP: Missouri Chaos

The "spectacle" of the Republican primary and caucus season continues:

Raucous GOP caucus in St. Peters is shut down: "Crowds and chaos rattled Missouri’s GOP caucuses on Saturday, threatening to put further scrutiny on a process that was already a national anomaly. In St. Charles County, which was to have been the biggest single prize of the day, the caucus was shut down before delegates were chosen after a boisterous crowd objected to how the meeting was being run, including an attempted ban on videotaping. Two supporters of presidential hopeful Ron Paul were arrested. At other caucuses, participants gathered outdoors as the appointed locations turned out to be too small to accommodate crowds or waited for hours as organizers worked through procedural questions. . . ."

Honestly, why would anyone vote Republican this year for President after seeing how the Republicans run their primaries and caucuses, e.g., Missouri, and Iowa--8 precincts still missing! The issues facing the country are too important to leave it to a party that has regressed into a bunch of wingnuts and yahoos.


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