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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Those who know you best: Specter on Santorum

Arlen Specter, in a C-SPAN interview (starts at 11:30):

"I know Rick Santorum very well, I worked with him for 12 years in the Senate, I helped him win his election back in 1994. In August his campaign was in the dumps and I gave him my organization, gave him my people, campaigned for him and helped him win. We had a collegial relationship, worked together for Pennsylvania …But when he’s running for president it’s a different matter. Here you have his views – he doesn’t believe women being in the workforce, he doesn’t believe in contraception, he thinks that in the gay issue that it’s man-on-dog, he talks about bestiality, he criticizes very sharply the John Kennedy speech, famous speech in Houston, separation of church and state … next Santorum’s likely to attack Jefferson, who knows what’s next? I urge Rick to have some unexpressed ideas but he’s very dedicated to a very extreme position and I don’t think that’s right for America."

And Newt Gingrich?

Specter: Gingrich has a lot of qualifications. I’ve taken to standup, Greta. Five years ago I was in the celebrity comedy program in Washington and had a good time and they had an open mic … He’s part of my routine. Newt and I came to the Capitol at the same time. Newt was elected in’ 78 and I in 80. And as I say, I’ve known Newt so long I knew him when he was skinny. As a matter of fact I even knew Newt’s first wife. And most of his girlfriends.

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