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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GOP Race: Land of Lincoln delivers for Romney

Last night the Land of Lincoln delivered in a big way for Mitt Romney:

Illinois Primary Results (99% reporting):
Romney 46.7%
Santorum 35.0%
Paul 9.3%
Gingrich 8.0%

As I've written before, the Republican race for the nomination is all about the delegates--nothing less, nothing more, and last night's results increased Romney's lead, and all but inevitable nomination--

TOTAL DELEGATES (thru March 20th per CNN):
Mitt Romney--Total: 562
Rick Santorum--Total: 249
Newt Gingrich--Total: 137
Ron Paul--Total: 69

The other thing worth noting about the Illinois primary is that Romney's victory was particularly striking in Chicago and its suburbs where Mitt garnered in excess of 50% of the votes cast. Oh, I know it's Obama's hometown, but after last night, Romney can also sing it's "my kind of town!"


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