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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some words of advice for Mitt Romney

Delegates to Date:
Romney: 419
Santorum: 178
Gingrich: 107
Paul: 47

I'm tired of listening to the "mainstream media" and other "pundits"--last night I turned off CNN after tiring of their inane "political analysis" and just followed the results on the internet, including Google Election Hub. The mainstream media is discounting the results of Super Tuesday because: 1) they want Obama to be re-elected; 2) they want a divisive, destructive primary process in the Republican party to continue as long as possible; and 3) as long as there is an illusion that there is still a real contest for the GOP nomination, they can attract viewers, etc.

Here's the reality--
There are only 2 people running for President of the United States who are, at this point, able to gather the necessary delegates between now and each party's respective convention:

1) the incumbent, Barack Obama (Democrat);
2) former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney (Republican).

It also happens that these are also the only 2 people, of those running, who are qualified, capable, fit, and competent for the job.

President Obama has his party's nomination and is currently favored to be re-elected. Mitt Romney has been up and down in the polls, and pulled down into a Republican quagmire of a primary process.  So, in the best of interests of the USA having the best candidate from each party contesting the election in November, I have a few words of advice for Mitt Romney:

1. Stop worrying about the "very conservative" element of the Republican party--they don't like you because you're: a) intelligent and educated (dual degrees from Harvard); b) wealthy (from Bain); c) experienced (Olympics, Bain CEO, Governor of Massachusetts); d) ethical and devout (yes, thank your Mormon upbringing); e) married (and have had only one wife), with a great family (16 grand kids).  Most of the "very conservatives" don't like you because they are "losers"--they're mad at everybody because they blame everybody but themselves for the sorry state they are in. It is now time to move forward--most of the "very conservatives" will eventually come around--once you stop pandering to them. More importantly, most of the electorate (>80%) are NOT "very conservative," and your general standing will improve once you are perceived as no longer being captive to the "wingnuts" of the Republican party.

2. The GOP nomination is now out of reach for all of your opponents.  Look at the delegate count.  On Super Tuesday you won 6 states. Your closest competitor won only 3 states. Your opponents' only hope is to deny you the nomination by your falling short of the number of necessary delegates.  This is an almost impossible task for Santorum and Gingrich unless they are bound and determined to defame you and destroy the Republican party. If they are that crazy (and they might be), the only way they can successfully do that is if you allow them by continuing to play the game by their rules--DON'T! Be honest about the truth of their proposals--e.g., their "tax reform" proposals are pure fantasy and wouldn't work-- and JUST BE YOURSELF!

3. You have a large advantage among women--what self-respecting woman would vote for Santorum or Gingrich? For a woman to vote for either Santorum or Gingrich, she must either have extremely low self-esteem, be an ideologue, or be just plain "crazy."

4. You have an ace card up your sleeve that neither Gingrich nor Santorum have--Utah (40 delegates)-- the last primary on June 26th.

5. You will "crush" Santorum and Gingrich in delegate-rich New York and California, and get your "share" of Texas delegates.

6. You've got the "smarts" and staff to figure out where to get the necessary delegates and how to allocate your resources for the rest of the primary season. In the meantime, as a friend of mine once told me: "let the dogs bark, just make sure the wagon keeps rolling!"


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