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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newt Gingrich Tax Cheat - Forbes

While the media is entranced by Mitt Romney's returns and the fact that he fully paid all taxes on his income in accordance with current law, most of the media is ignoring the real tax story--

Newt Gingrich --Tax Cheat? - Forbes: "While candidate Gingrich has been busy focusing on the tax return failings of his opponent, Governor Mitt Romney, a report by Forbes’ Janet Novack suggests that, once again, Newt may be using a good offense to keep from having to play some serious defense when it comes to his own failure to pay up on his tax obligations. According to Novack, “Newt Gingrich avoided tens of thousands of dollars in Medicare payroll taxes in 2010 by using a technique the Internal Revenue Service has consistently and successfully attacked. . . .”"

In other words, the media is giving Newt Gingrich, who according to Forbes cheated on his taxes in the amount of "tens of thousands of dollars," a "pass."  Why?


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