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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa: good news for Republicans and Romney

OK, so the Iowa caucus is over and Romney won by a whisker.  That is good news for Republicans because there was a good turnout and for Romney because "a win is a win." Two months ago, the Romney people really didn't think they could win Iowa and would have been OK with a credible second or third place (and did not devote much time or resources there).  Obviously, despite the efforts of the media and others to boost Gingrich early and Santorum late, reason prevailed. As I've said before, Republicans have a choice: nominate Mitt Romney and stand a good chance of winning the White House in November; or nominate someone else and ensure the re-election of Barack Obama.

The biggest loser last night? Definitely Barack Obama. The Obama people are fearful, to an extreme, of Romney because they know he is the only Republican who can win in November.  Their entire campaign has already been designed to counter a Romney nomination and in the meantime hope for a bloodbath within Republican ranks during the primary season to weaken the nominee for the general election. You can expect to see continuing efforts by the Obama campaign and its media pawns to encourage such a "bloodbath."

Now off to New Hampshire which, unlike Iowa, is a real primary (and allows voting by independents)--my prediction? Reason will prevail.


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