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Monday, January 30, 2012

Is Newt Gingrich Clueless?

Although Paul Krugman has already said Newt Gingrich is "a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like," it's obvious Newt is clueless on some things--

Female Support Slips for Gingrich - WSJ.com: ". . . Mr. Gingrich trailed Mr. Romney by 19 percentage points among Republican women, contributing to Mr. Romney's 11% lead overall in that survey. Asked by reporters on Sunday why a gender gap had appeared in recent Florida polls, Mr. Gingrich said: "I have no idea.'' Mr. Gingrich has tried to head off voter resistance that might arise from his two divorces and admission that he had an extramarital affair while pressing the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton. . . ."

You'd think a guy running for President with the track record and baggage Newt Gingrich has, could do better than "I have no idea."


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