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Friday, January 6, 2012

NDAA 2012--one more reason to NOT vote for Obama

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution, are null and void.” --Chief Justice Marshall, Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803).

So much for Obama's law degree from Harvard--obviously a Harvard education isn't what it once was--

National Defense Authorization Act Outrage Continues To Grow Online: "This is day three of living in post-NDAA America. In case you've been living under a particularly large and comfy rock, the NDAA is a radical and dangerous bill -- which Barack Hussein Obama quietly signed into law on New Year's Eve, while almost every American was preoccupied with New Year's binge drinking. (His administration had previously vowed to veto the NDAA, before strangely reversing course and signing it into law. He issued a signing statement saying his administration would not use the controversial indefinite detention provisions. This promise, however, is not legally binding -- and it also does not prevent future Presidents from detaining and torturing American citizens without the right to a trial or attorney, and without bringing formal charges against them. The signing statement is the legal equivalent of a Post-it note affixed to a manuscript.) How bad is this law, really? Here are some experts:

Presidential candidate Ron Paul on NDAA: "...bold and dangerous attempt to establish martial law in America."

Rep. Justin Amash: NDAA was "carefully crafted to mislead the public."

Amnesty International: "Provisions that were snuck into the bill with little notice from mainstream media could spell indefinite detention without a hearing, keep Guantanamo open, and hinder fair trials."

And Americans, despite some pro-Obama spin to the contrary, are definitely targeted by NDAA's indefinite detention provisions. As Salon columnist and constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald explained: "Myth #3: U.S. citizens are exempted from this new bill: This is simply false, at least when expressed so definitively and without caveats. The bill is purposely muddled on this issue which is what is enabling the falsehood."

The American broadcast media has been eerily silent on NDAA's passage into law, despite the fact that foreign newspapers and broadcast networks have been covering this as one of their top international stories." . . Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-outrage-continues-to-grow-online-2012-1#ixzz1idhHyYdJ

Occupy Wall Street - Call To Action Against the NDAA: During the Grand Central Station rally to show the disgust of Obama signing into law the NDAA bill. #OWS medic was carried out without reason or explanation from rally. He was arrested for seemingly doing nothing. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-726056?hpt=hp_bn1

ACLU: "We are extremely disappointed that President Obama signed this bill even though his administration is already claiming overly-broad detention authority in court. Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back those claims dimmed today. Thankfully we have three branches of government, and the final word on the scope of detention authority belongs to the Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on the scope of detention authority. But Congress and the president also have a role to play in cleaning up the mess they have created because no American citizen or anyone else should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA’s detention authority.
The ACLU will fight worldwide detention authority wherever we can, be it in court, in Congress, or internationally."

"Recall All Who Voted for NDAA 2012"
United States Senate --voting for NDAA 2012:
Sen. Daniel Akaka [D, HI]
Sen. Lamar Alexander [R, TN]
Sen. Kelly Ayotte [R, NH]
Sen. John Barrasso [R, WY]
Sen. Max Baucus [D, MT]
Sen. Mark Begich [D, AK]
Sen. Michael Bennet [D, CO]
Sen. Jeff Bingaman [D, NM]
Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D, CT]
Sen. Roy Blunt [R, MO]
Sen. John Boozman [R, AR]
Sen. Barbara Boxer [D, CA]
Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA]
Sen. Sherrod Brown [D, OH]
Sen. Richard Burr [R, NC]
Sen. Maria Cantwell [D, WA]
Sen. Benjamin Cardin [D, MD]
Sen. Thomas Carper [D, DE]
Sen. Robert Casey [D, PA]
Sen. Saxby Chambliss [R, GA]
Sen. Daniel Coats [R, IN]
Sen. Thad Cochran [R, MS]
Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME]
Sen. Kent Conrad [D, ND]
Sen. Chris Coons [D, DE]
Sen. Bob Corker [R, TN]
Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX]
Sen. Michael Crapo [R, ID]
Sen. Jim DeMint [R, SC]
Sen. Richard Durbin [D, IL]
Sen. Michael Enzi [R, WY]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D, CA]
Sen. Al Franken [D, MN]
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand [D, NY]
Sen. Lindsey Graham [R, SC]
Sen. Charles Grassley [R, IA]
Sen. Kay Hagan [D, NC]
Sen. Orrin Hatch [R, UT]
Sen. Dean Heller [R, NV]
Sen. John Hoeven [R, ND]
Sen. Kay Hutchison [R, TX]
Sen. James Inhofe [R, OK]
Sen. Daniel Inouye [D, HI]
Sen. John Isakson [R, GA]
Sen. Mike Johanns [R, NE]
Sen. Ron Johnson [R, WI]
Sen. Tim Johnson [D, SD]
Sen. John Kerry [D, MA]
Sen. Mark Kirk [R, IL]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D, MN]
Sen. Herbert Kohl [D, WI]
Sen. Jon Kyl [R, AZ]
Sen. Mary Landrieu [D, LA]
Sen. Frank Lautenberg [D, NJ]
Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT]
Sen. Carl Levin [D, MI]
Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I, CT]
Sen. Richard Lugar [R, IN]
Sen. Joe Manchin [D, WV]
Sen. John McCain [R, AZ]
Sen. Claire McCaskill [D, MO]
Sen. Mitch McConnell [R, KY]
Sen. Robert Menéndez [D, NJ]
Sen. Barbara Mikulski [D, MD]
Sen. Jerry Moran [R, KS]
Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R, AK]
Sen. Patty Murray [D, WA]
Sen. Ben Nelson [D, NE]
Sen. Bill Nelson [D, FL]
Sen. Robert Portman [R, OH]
Sen. Mark Pryor [D, AR]
Sen. John Reed [D, RI]
Sen. Harry Reid [D, NV]
Sen. James Risch [R, ID]
Sen. Pat Roberts [R, KS]
Sen. John Rockefeller [D, WV]
Sen. Marco Rubio [R, FL]
Sen. Charles Schumer [D, NY]
Sen. Jefferson Sessions [R, AL]
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen [D, NH]
Sen. Richard Shelby [R, AL]
Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME]
Sen. Debbie Ann Stabenow [D, MI]
Sen. Jon Tester [D, MT]
Sen. John Thune [R, SD]
Sen. Patrick Toomey [R, PA]
Sen. Tom Udall [D, NM]
Sen. Mark Udall [D, CO]
Sen. David Vitter [R, LA]
Sen. Mark Warner [D, VA]
Sen. Jim Webb [D, VA]
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D, RI]
Sen. Roger Wicker [R, MS]

Voted No:
Sen. Rand Paul [R, KY]
Sen. Jeff Merkley [D, OR]
Sen. Ron Wyden [D, OR]
Sen. Mike Lee [R, UT]
Sen. Thomas Harkin [D, IA]
Sen. Thomas Coburn [R, OK]
Sen. Bernard Sanders [I, VT]

AyeNY-5Ackerman, Gary [D]
AyeFL-24Adams, Sandy [R]
AyeAL-4Aderholt, Robert [R]
AyeMO-2Akin, W. [R]
AyeLA-5Alexander, Rodney [R]
AyePA-4Altmire, Jason [D]
AyeNV-2Amodei, Mark [R]
AyeNJ-1Andrews, Robert [D]
AyeOH-7Austria, Steve [R]
AyeCA-43Baca, Joe [D]
AyeAL-6Bachus, Spencer [R]
AyePA-11Barletta, Lou [R]
AyeGA-12Barrow, John [D]
AyeMD-6Bartlett, Roscoe [R]
AyeTX-6Barton, Joe [R]
AyeNH-2Bass, Charles [R]
AyeMI-1Benishek, Dan [R]
AyeND-0Berg, Rick [R]
AyeNV-1Berkley, Shelley [D]
AyeCA-28Berman, Howard [D]
AyeIL-13Biggert, Judy [R]
AyeCA-50Bilbray, Brian [R]
AyeFL-9Bilirakis, Gus [R]
AyeUT-1Bishop, Rob [R]
AyeGA-2Bishop, Sanford [D]
AyeNY-1Bishop, Timothy [D]
AyeTN-6Black, Diane [R]
AyeTN-7Blackburn, Marsha [R]
AyeAL-1Bonner, Jo [R]
AyeCA-45Bono Mack, Mary [R]
AyeOK-2Boren, Dan [D]
AyeIA-3Boswell, Leonard [D]
AyeLA-7Boustany, Charles [R]
AyeTX-8Brady, Kevin [R]
AyePA-1Brady, Robert [D]
AyeAL-5Brooks, Mo [R]
AyeGA-10Broun, Paul [R]
AyeFL-3Brown, Corrine [D]
AyeFL-13Buchanan, Vern [R]
AyeNY-25Buerkle, Ann Marie [R]
AyeNC-1Butterfield, George [D]
AyeCA-44Calvert, Ken [R]
AyeMI-4Camp, David [R]
AyeTX-23Canseco, Francisco [R]
AyeVA-7Cantor, Eric [R]
AyeWV-2Capito, Shelley [R]
AyeCA-23Capps, Lois [D]
AyeCA-18Cardoza, Dennis [D]
AyeMO-3Carnahan, Russ [D]
AyeDE-0Carney, John [D]
AyeTX-31Carter, John [R]
AyeLA-6Cassidy, Bill [R]
AyeFL-11Castor, Kathy [D]
AyeOH-1Chabot, Steven [R]
AyeKY-6Chandler, Ben [D]
AyeRI-1Cicilline, David [D]
AyeOK-4Cole, Tom [R]
AyeTX-11Conaway, K. [R]
AyeVA-11Connolly, Gerald [D]
AyeTN-5Cooper, Jim [D]
AyeCA-20Costa, Jim [D]
AyeCT-2Courtney, Joe [D]
AyeMN-8Cravaack, Chip [R]
AyeAR-1Crawford, Rick [R]
AyeFL-4Crenshaw, Ander [R]
AyePA-12Critz, Mark [D]
AyeNY-7Crowley, Joseph [D]
AyeTX-28Cuellar, Henry [D]
AyeTX-7Culberson, John [R]
AyeKY-4Davis, Geoff [R]
AyeCA-53Davis, Susan [D]
AyeCA-19Denham, Jeff [R]
AyePA-15Dent, Charles [R]
AyeFL-19Deutch, Ted [D]
AyeWA-6Dicks, Norman [D]
AyeMI-15Dingell, John [D]
AyeTX-25Doggett, Lloyd [D]
AyeIL-10Dold, Bob [R]
AyeIN-2Donnelly, Joe [D]
AyeCA-26Dreier, David [R]
AyeWI-7Duffy, Sean [R]
AyeNC-2Ellmers, Renee [R]
AyeMO-8Emerson, Jo Ann [R]
AyeNY-17Engel, Eliot [D]
AyeTX-27Farenthold, Blake [R]
AyeTN-8Fincher, Stephen [R]
AyePA-8Fitzpatrick, Michael [R]
AyeTN-3Fleischmann, Chuck [R]
AyeLA-4Fleming, John [R]
AyeTX-17Flores, Bill [R]
AyeNE-1Fortenberry, Jeffrey [R]
AyeNC-5Foxx, Virginia [R]
AyeAZ-2Franks, Trent [R]
AyeNJ-11Frelinghuysen, Rodney [R]
AyeCA-24Gallegly, Elton [R]
AyeCA-10Garamendi, John [D]
AyeCO-4Gardner, Cory [R]
AyePA-6Gerlach, Jim [R]
AyeOH-18Gibbs, Bob [R]
AyeNY-20Gibson, Chris [R]
AyeGA-11Gingrey, John [R]
AyeTX-1Gohmert, Louis [R]
AyeTX-20Gonzalez, Charles [D]
AyeTX-12Granger, Kay [R]
AyeMO-6Graves, Samuel [R]
AyeTX-9Green, Al [D]
AyeTX-29Green, Raymond [D]
AyeAR-2Griffin, Tim [R]
AyeNY-13Grimm, Michael [R]
AyeNH-1Guinta, Frank [R]
AyeKY-2Guthrie, Brett [R]
AyeTX-4Hall, Ralph [R]
AyeHI-1Hanabusa, Colleen [D]
AyeNY-24Hanna, Richard [R]
AyeMS-3Harper, Gregg [R]
AyeMO-4Hartzler, Vicky [R]
AyeWA-4Hastings, Doc [R]
AyeNY-19Hayworth, Nan [R]
AyeNV-3Heck, Joe [R]
AyeTX-5Hensarling, Jeb [R]
AyeCA-2Herger, Walter [R]
AyeWA-3Herrera Beutler, Jaime [R]
AyeNY-27Higgins, Brian [D]
AyeCT-4Himes, James [D]
AyeHI-2Hirono, Mazie [D]
AyeNY-26Hochul, Kathleen [D]
AyePA-17Holden, Tim [D]
AyeMD-5Hoyer, Steny [D]
AyeIL-14Hultgren, Randy [R]
AyeCA-52Hunter, Duncan [R]
AyeWA-1Inslee, Jay [D]
AyeNY-2Israel, Steve [D]
AyeCA-49Issa, Darrell [R]
AyeTX-18Jackson-Lee, Sheila [D]
AyeKS-2Jenkins, Lynn [R]
AyeOH-6Johnson, Bill [R]
AyeTX-3Johnson, Samuel [R]
AyeOH-4Jordan, Jim [R]
AyeMA-10Keating, William [D]
AyePA-3Kelly, Mike [R]
AyeMI-5Kildee, Dale [D]
AyeWI-3Kind, Ronald [D]
AyeNY-3King, Peter [R]
AyeIA-5King, Steve [R]
AyeGA-1Kingston, Jack [R]
AyeIL-11Kinzinger, Adam [R]
AyeNC-8Kissell, Larry [D]
AyeMN-2Kline, John [R]
AyeCO-5Lamborn, Doug [R]
AyeNJ-7Lance, Leonard [R]
AyeLA-3Landry, Jeff [R]
AyeRI-2Langevin, James [D]
AyeOK-5Lankford, James [R]
AyeWA-2Larsen, Rick [D]
AyeCT-1Larson, John [D]
AyeIA-4Latham, Thomas [R]
AyeOH-5Latta, Robert [R]
AyeMI-12Levin, Sander [D]
AyeCA-41Lewis, Jerry [R]
AyeIL-3Lipinski, Daniel [D]
AyeNJ-2LoBiondo, Frank [R]
AyeIA-2Loebsack, David [D]
AyeMO-7Long, Billy [R]
AyeNY-18Lowey, Nita [D]
AyeOK-3Lucas, Frank [R]
AyeMO-9Luetkemeyer, Blaine [R]
AyeCA-3Lungren, Daniel [R]
AyeIL-16Manzullo, Donald [R]
AyeTX-24Marchant, Kenny [R]
AyePA-10Marino, Thomas [R]
AyeUT-2Matheson, Jim [D]
AyeNY-4McCarthy, Carolyn [D]
AyeCA-22McCarthy, Kevin [R]
AyeTX-10McCaul, Michael [R]
AyeMI-11McCotter, Thaddeus [R]
AyeNC-10McHenry, Patrick [R]
AyeNC-7McIntyre, Mike [D]
AyeCA-25McKeon, Howard [R]
AyeWV-1McKinley, David [R]
AyeWA-5McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [R]
AyeCA-11McNerney, Jerry [D]
AyePA-7Meehan, Patrick [R]
AyeFL-7Mica, John [R]
AyeMI-10Miller, Candice [R]
AyeCA-42Miller, Gary [R]
AyeFL-1Miller, Jeff [R]
AyePA-18Murphy, Tim [R]
AyeTX-19Neugebauer, Randy [R]
AyeSD-0Noem, Kristi [R]
AyeFL-5Nugent, Richard [R]
AyeCA-21Nunes, Devin [R]
AyeMS-1Nunnelee, Alan [R]
AyeTX-22Olson, Pete [R]
AyeNY-23Owens, William [D]
AyeMS-4Palazzo, Steven [R]
AyeNJ-8Pascrell, William [D]
AyeAZ-4Pastor, Edward [D]
AyeMN-3Paulsen, Erik [R]
AyeNM-2Pearce, Steven [R]
AyeCA-8Pelosi, Nancy [D]
AyeCO-7Perlmutter, Ed [D]
AyeMN-7Peterson, Collin [D]
AyeWI-6Petri, Thomas [R]
AyePA-19Platts, Todd [R]
AyeTX-2Poe, Ted [R]
AyeKS-4Pompeo, Mike [R]
AyeGA-6Price, Tom [R]
AyeAZ-3Quayle, Ben [R]
AyeWV-3Rahall, Nick [D]
AyeNY-29Reed, Tom [R]
AyeMT-0Rehberg, Dennis [R]
AyeWA-8Reichert, Dave [R]
AyeOH-16Renacci, Jim [R]
AyeTX-16Reyes, Silvestre [D]
AyeCA-37Richardson, Laura [D]
AyeVA-2Rigell, E. [R]
AyeFL-25Rivera, David [R]
AyeAL-2Roby, Martha [R]
AyeKY-5Rogers, Harold [R]
AyeAL-3Rogers, Michael [R]
AyeMI-8Rogers, Michael [R]
AyeFL-16Rooney, Thomas [R]
AyeIL-6Roskam, Peter [R]
AyeFL-18Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]
AyeFL-12Ross, Dennis [R]
AyeAR-4Ross, Mike [D]
AyeNJ-9Rothman, Steven [D]
AyeNJ-3Runyan, Jon [R]
AyeMD-2Ruppersberger, C.A. [D]
AyeWI-1Ryan, Paul [R]
AyeCA-39Sanchez, Linda [D]
AyeLA-1Scalise, Steve [R]
AyeCA-29Schiff, Adam [D]
AyeIL-17Schilling, Robert [R]
AyeOH-2Schmidt, Jean [R]
AyeIL-18Schock, Aaron [R]
AyeOR-5Schrader, Kurt [D]
AyePA-13Schwartz, Allyson [D]
AyeGA-8Scott, Austin [R]
AyeGA-13Scott, David [D]
AyeSC-1Scott, Tim [R]
AyeWI-5Sensenbrenner, F. [R]
AyeTX-32Sessions, Peter [R]
AyeAL-7Sewell, Terri [D]
AyeCA-27Sherman, Brad [D]
AyeIL-19Shimkus, John [R]
AyeNC-11Shuler, Heath [D]
AyePA-9Shuster, William [R]
AyeNJ-13Sires, Albio [D]
AyeWA-9Smith, Adam [D]
AyeNE-3Smith, Adrian [R]
AyeNJ-4Smith, Christopher [R]
AyeTX-21Smith, Lamar [R]
AyeFL-2Southerland, Steve [R]
AyeFL-6Stearns, Clifford [R]
AyeOH-15Stivers, Steve [R]
AyeOK-1Sullivan, John [R]
AyeOH-13Sutton, Betty [D]
AyeNE-2Terry, Lee [R]
AyePA-5Thompson, Glenn [R]
AyeTX-13Thornberry, William [R]
AyeOH-12Tiberi, Patrick [R]
AyeMA-5Tsongas, Niki [D]
AyeOH-3Turner, Michael [R]
AyeNY-9Turner, Robert [R]
AyeMI-6Upton, Frederick [R]
AyeIN-1Visclosky, Peter [D]
AyeOR-2Walden, Greg [R]
AyeMN-1Walz, Timothy [D]
AyeFL-20Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D]
AyeCA-30Waxman, Henry [D]
AyeFL-8Webster, Daniel [R]
AyeFL-22West, Allen [R]
AyeGA-3Westmoreland, Lynn [R]
AyeKY-1Whitfield, Edward [R]
AyeSC-2Wilson, Addison [R]
AyeFL-17Wilson, Frederica [D]
AyeVA-1Wittman, Rob [R]
AyeVA-10Wolf, Frank [R]
AyeAR-3Womack, Steve [R]
AyeKS-3Yoder, Kevin [R]
AyeAK-0Young, Donald [R]
AyeIN-9Young, Todd [R]


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