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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's the real election story of the day

Ignore the media's hype of tomorrow's New Hampshire primary--here's the real election story of the day:

White House Chief of Staff Daley Resigns - WSJ.com: ". . . Mr. Daley offered his resignation to the president in an Oval Office meeting last Tuesday, and Mr. Obama asked him to take some time to think about it. Mr. Daley informed the president of his final decision to leave the following day, officials said, despite his promise in recent months to stay through the 2012 election.  A senior administration official said Mr. Obama "was surprised by Daley's decision."  In his resignation letter, Mr. Daley, who recommended Mr. Lew as his successor, praised the president's leadership on a number of issues and said he was honored to be part of the administration. Mr. Daley, of Chicago, didn't detail his reasons for leaving, other than to say, "It is time for me to go back to the city I love." Mr. Daley didn't reply to emails seeking elaboration. . . ."

We know Obama never fires anyone (it's just not his style--no matter how inept, corrupt, incompetent, or lousy a job they are doing), so this decision was Daley's alone--he wanted OUT and NOW.  WHY is the unanswered question. Best guess--the Obama White House is a really dysfunctional place and Daley knows it is only going to get worse as the campaign gears up.  Rather than stick around and stain his own reputation, he wanted to get off the sinking ship now.

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