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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Obama promises to fix problem he created: millions of health policy cancellations

"If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what." -- Barack Obama (2009)

I see Obama came to Miami to do more fundraising--one of the few things he is good at--apparently there are still people willing to throw good money after bad, or who need something from this administration and are willing to pay big bucks for it. In the meantime, the Obamacare mess is getting worse by the minute. First the website which still isn't fixed--and now millions of cancelled health insurance policies--just sit back and watch this slow-motion train wreck created by Obama and Democrats in the US House and Senate: 

latimes.com: ". . . Administration officials scrambled Friday to find a quick fix to a problem President Obama said would never come about — millions of insurance policies canceled for people who have health plans they want to keep. But as the controversy threatened Obama's efforts to reassure fellow Democrats that he had things under control, administration officials and policy experts said they didn't yet have a plan to solve the problem without further bogging down the president's signature health reform plan. Obama said Thursday he was sorry for the mishap and promised to resolve it, but many in the health industry were surprised by the president's assertion that potential fixes were being considered and said they had not been consulted . . . Speaking Friday to a crowd of supporters in New Orleans, Obama vented his frustration about the troubled startup of the healthcare marketplaces, saying that he would personally fix the biggest problem, the healthcare.gov website, if he could. But, he said, "I don't write code." "We're working overtime to make sure it gets fixed," Obama told the audience at the Port of New Orleans. "I promise."

Oh no--another promise? How gullible are Americans? Promises, promises--it's just more jive talk or as they say in Texas: "All hat and no cattle."

Instead of field testing Obamacare in a pilot program, or stress-testing the website prior to public deployment, Obama has completely f*cked up his signature legislative achievement: the Affordable Care Act (and there's another US government oxymoron for you). The main problem now is that millions of Americans' health insurance plans (coverage they were perfectly happy with and which they could afford), are being cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obamacare. As I've said before, no one still knows how big of a mess this is going to turn out to be, but come November 2014, it will hang Democrats who passed and put this ill-conceived law into effect. 

Basic tenet in health care and governance -- first, do no harm -- in other words, don't make a bad situation worse, or provide a cure that is worse than the disease. We need less government, not more. Every time the US government tries to fix a problem with more government, we get more problems. Will Washington ever learn?


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