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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elizabeth Warren 2016

Democrats (and Americans) should have 2 Democratic Party choices for President in 2016--the dinosaur epoch Hillary-Billary show from the 1990s with all baggage intact, or a fresh new face--energetic, hip, female, US Senator from Massachusetts (born and grew up in Oklahoma!), whose political positioning is more mainstream Democratic Party 2016--US Senator Elizabeth Warren. As things are going now, by 2016, the public is going to be way past being tired of the Washington dysfunction, the old conventional inside the beltway politics, K Street, the empty rhetoric and now obvious incompetence of the Obamaman who always blames someone else because he can't seem to figure out how to lead or manage as Chief Executive of the USA. Republicans are going to serve up either Christie, Cruz, or Paul--and any of those three means BIG CHANGE in Washington--the winning theme for 2016. Democrats are going to serve up either Clinton or Warren. Clinton represents the past--from her own healthcare fiasco of the early 1990s to Whitewater  to Monicagate to Benghazi. Warren represents the future. Clinton wants to have a discussion about the NSA. Warren wants to kick ass (as does almost everyone else in the USA outside the political establishment). Really, who do you think the grassroots (and I am not talking about the big money of the DC-WallStreet axis of evil the Clintons have been courting for 20+ years) is going to support and get enthused about? Wall Street and the Clintons are big chums. Wall Street is terrified of Warren.

Oh, by the way, the New Republic has a good article on Senator Warren: Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton's Nightmare | New Republic; as does Businessweek: Why Elizabeth Warren Should Run Against Hillary Clinton for President - Businessweek (yes, Businessweek!).

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