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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Qualcomm CEO Says NSA Fallout Impacting Its Business

Government bureaucracies like NSA only think about themselves, perpetrating and expanding their power, budget, and programs, with little if any thought of all of the unintended disastrous consequences that result --

Qualcomm CEO Says NSA Fallout Impacting China Business - WSJ.com: "Chief Executive Paul Jacobs acknowledged U.S. restrictions on Chinese companies and revelations about surveillance by the National Security Agency are impacting its business in the fast-growing country. "We are definitely seeing increased pressure," said Mr. Jacobs in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. "All U.S. tech companies are seeing pressure." Mr. Jacobs stopped short of saying the pressure hurt its sales, but he did say it affected the way the company operated in China...The company doesn't build cutting edge technology there, but it does build some older trailing technologies in China. Mr. Jacobs said it is "very delicate balancing act that goes on. There's no question there is an impact." In the fiscal year ended Sept. 29, Qualcomm generated $1 billion in revenue from China."

Concepts like public service, stewardship of public funds, careful allocation and re-allocation of limited resources, limited government powers, freedom of enterprise, and individual  freedom itself, are foreign concepts in Washington DC today. Welcome to Big Brother Government. And if that puts YOU out of business, well too bad! There's always food stamps and Obama and his administration take great pride in that as do Walmart and all the other corporate welfare Queens (including Coke and Pepsi -- average SNAP recipient drinks much more sugar soda than average American) who financially profit from the SNAP program a/k/a food stamp program:

Chart of expansion under Obama of SNAP program
Obama expansion of the Food Stamp Program a/k/a SNAP --more than doubled in just three years (2008-2011) -- what a recovery!


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