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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Obama The Great Incompetent and His Inept Administration

“This is real simple,” Mr. Obama said, during a speech in Maryland on Sept. 26 (2013). “It’s a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance plans side by side the same way you shop for a plane ticket on Kayak, same way you shop for a TV on Amazon. You just go on, and you start looking, and here are all the options.”(source infra)

Nothing like a clueless incompetent leader with an inept administration to boot. While the Obama administration is doing everything it can to stop anyone from talking about its incompetence -- see below for the unbelievable background to the Obamacare website mess -- even the New York Times is getting a clue of how incompetent Obama and his administration really are:

Tension and Flaws Before Health Website Crash - NYTimes.com"... questionable decisions and weak leadership...turned the rollout of the president’s signature program into a major humiliation....“Cut corners, make date,” said one specialist, who like most of the people interviewed for this article would not allow his name to be used because the Obama administration has requested that all government officials and contractors involved keep their work confidential...In the last week of September, the disastrous results of the project’s inept management and execution were becoming fully apparent....." (read more at the link above)

Wonder if Obama or anyone in his administration has ever heard, much less understands, the phrase the devil is in the details?


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