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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obama's DOJ vs Levison's Lavabit

Lavabit founder says he fought feds to protect the Constitution | Politics and Law - CNET News: ""They didn't fully comprehend the implications of what they were demanding. I do know they have done it before, if that helps," Levison admitted, adding that he thinks the NSA more or less told the non-technical members of the Department of Justice to collect the information, which it followed through with without any regard for what that meant for security and privacy on the Web in an age of increasing government surveillance. "They didn't understand the industry implications," he added. Only after Levison fought aggressively, and openly said he would comply with every other demand of the court orders, did the government equip itself with a search warrant." (read more at link above)

Sad when the only ones protecting and defending the US Constitution are private citizens under attack by the US government.


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