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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good News for Android Users

China finally figured out what the EU and US did quite a while ago--the Google-Motorola Mobility deal is good for everybody except maybe Apple and RIM (BlackBerry):

China Approves Google Acquisition of Motorola Mobility | PCWorld: " . . . A Google spokeswoman confirmed the deal was approved early Saturday and that it should close within the week. Motorola Mobility ships phones and tablets with Google's Android operating system. The close of the deal means that Google has a hardware manufacturing arm with which it can closely work to develop Android. Google will also have control of Motorola's massive patent portfolio. Motorola Mobility has said that it owns or has applied for more than 24,000 patents. The deal has already been approved by antitrust authorities in the U.S. and Europe. Chinese authorities have approved the deal on condition that Google keep Android free and available to other mobile device manufacturers for five years, according to a source close to the deal. . ."


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