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Thursday, May 3, 2012

California Student Had To Drink His Own Urine To Survive - Left In Holding Cell For 5 Days by DEA

Student Drank Own Urine After Being Forgotten In Holding Cell For 5 Days « CBS DC: "The Drug Enforcement Administration issued an apology Wednesday to a California student who was picked up during a drug raid and left in a holding cell for several days without food, water or access to a toilet. . . . Chong, 23, was never arrested, was not going to be charged with a crime and should have been released, said a law enforcement official who was briefed on the DEA case and spoke on the condition of anonymity. . . . "

Welcome to Government "Obama Style"--so much for constitutional rights, or for that matter, common human decency, and of course this whole episode reeks of the incompetence which has become systemic in the Obama administration--anyone up for a GSA Las Vegas party?  Oh--and don't worry--no one will lose their job because Obama will never fire anyone who works for the Government. November 6th can't come soon enough.


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