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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who Killed Net Neutrality? Obama and his FCC appointees

It's a simple question, and there is a simple answer --

Who Killed Net Neutrality? : The New Yorker: "... who lost net neutrality? Tasked by President Obama with codifying the principle, the previous chairman of the F.C.C., Julius Genachowski, was cowed, leading to the present debacle. Put less generously, he blew it. In 2010, the F.C.C. introduced formal net-neutrality rules, in what it called the Open Internet Order. Genachowski, inexcusably, did not use his agency’s main authority over wire communications to enact it..."

Now what? Unfortunately the fix, while technically simple, may not be so simple in Washington D.C.--

"Tom Wheeler, the new chairman of the F.C.C., now has the unfortunate task of dealing with strategic errors made by his predecessor...Wheeler needs only to reaffirm that, for Internet firms that want to send information to customers, broadband is a “telecommunications service,” meaning that the F.C.C. has the authority to regulate it. He has both the time and the votes to do so. It is possible that Wheeler will do nothing, confirming the suspicions of his critics..." (source supra)

Stay tuned.


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