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Monday, January 27, 2014

FTC punishment against Apple 'has no foundation'

The FTC is one sick federal agency -- it ought to be shut down since it glorifies itself wasting tax dollars on meritless cases --

FTC commissioner says in-app purchase punishment against Apple 'has no foundation': In the dissent, which was issued alongside the FTC's own decision, Commissioner Joshua D. Wright echoed Apple chief Tim Cook's own conclusion that the Cupertino, Calif. company had already taken sufficient action — instituting refunds and altering the behavior of in-app purchase prompts — to remedy any hardships caused by children's accidental purchases. The opinion was first spotted by Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt. "When the problem arose in late 2010, press reports indicate that Apple developed a strategy for addressing the problem in a way that it believed made sense, and it also refunded customers that reported unintended purchases," Wright wrote. Given Apple's actions, the "commission has no foundation upon which to base a reasonable belief that consumers would be made better off if Apple modified its disclosures to confirm to the parameters of the consent order," he continued, adding that in "the absence of such evidence, enforcement action here is neither warranted nor in consumers' best interest." Some believe that the commission's order was a political ploy, designed to gain accolades from the electorate at the expense of one of America's most important corporate citizens..."

Typical irresponsible FTC behavior. Congress ought to investigate the shenanigans going on over at the FTC -- pursuing meritless cases against Google, Apple, and other reputable companies!


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