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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google+, Identity, Hysteria

What is the big deal about Google +? I have read more hysteria in the past week about Google implementing integration of Google+ and Gmail.  Big deal! -- Just Opt Out! If Google wants everyone who uses Gmail to also have a Google + page, that's OK as long as Google continues to allow you to "opt out" of "integration" and other Google schemes to increase revenue. So far, Google has been true to its word and allowed "opting out."

Google+ Is Getting Harder And Harder To Avoid – ReadWrite: "...That’s not to say Google is changing everything in one fell swoop. In fact, with each new service it announces, Google anticipates backlash and makes updates less intrusive than they might be perceived. For instance, while the Google+ and Gmail contact integration is a default, the company gives you a variety of options to let you control who on Google+ can email you. That includes no one (although you have to take the initiative to change that setting yourself)...."


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