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Monday, December 9, 2013

Michelle Obama, First Lady

One of the few "good ones" left in Washington -- the First Lady --

Michelle Obama 'leans in', just not in the direction privileged feminists want | Enuma Okoro | theguardian.com: "...I am not even sure where to start to respond to Michelle Cottle's recent Politico article in which she calls first lady Michelle Obama a "feminist's nightmare".... What these so called feminists fail to see is that Michelle Obama is a social and political activist working passionately in arenas commonly ignored by white politicians and white feminists: the needs of the children and youth raised in low-income communities, including equal access and availability to health and nutritional education. Focusing on obesity and exercise for young people is not only a needed form of social activism to help predominately minority youth break cyclic issues of health, education and low self-esteem, but it also shows foresight and wisdom towards creating and sustaining healthier communities overall...." (read more at the link above)



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