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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Liberal Progressives Take Over New York City, Time to Get Out

After years on the sidelines, New York's liberals retaking control," by Reuters' Victoria Cavaliere : "With Bill de Blasio taking office as mayor in January, New York City appears poised for a resurgence of liberal policies. After 20 years of Republican leadership, not only will America's largest city have the most liberal mayor in a generation, helping him implement change will be a progressive-leaning City Council and a longtime liberal ally in the new public advocate. ... [T]he last election marked a major change in New York City politics, with a new breed of highly liberal politicians ready to enact a series of progressive policies that would have been dead on arrival under Bloomberg or his predecessor Giuliani. (from Reuters via Mike Allen at Politico)

Douglas Muzzio, an expert on New York City politics and a professor at Baruch College at the City University of New York. ‘People projected their frustration, their anxiety, their expectations, their dreams on Bill. In that sense it wasn't dissimilar from the 2008 election of Obama.’ …(source supra)

Time to get out of New York City (if you haven't left already). And don't just take my word for it, here is (one of  his many posts on the subject) Andrew Sullivan. What I like particularly about the progessive liberal takeover of New York City, is that the whole nation can watch, from afar, the disastrous results of progressive liberal policies as they occur over the next few years. I expect the so-called mainstream media will at first exist in a state of denial about the disaster taking place in front of their eyes. But eventually, the results will be too painful for even them to ignore. How long will it take?


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