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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Memo to Marissa: Katie Couric, Old Media will NEVER save Yahoo

Marissa Mayer has just made her first major mistake, throwing away countless millions of Yahoo's limited assets on Katie Couric --

Leaving ABC News, Couric Describes Move to Yahoo as ‘Being of the Moment’ -- Katie Couric said that her decision to join Yahoo as its “global news anchor” came after the new chief executive, Marissa Mayer, reached out to her....

This is laughable. Katie Couric, as Leo Laporte and others have noted, is a has-been. Old media will never save nor help Yahoo to get to where it needs to go. What was Marissa thinking? I am afraid she acted way outside her competence zone on this one. It was truly, a move of the moment, because whatever flash it brought will soon quickly die out. Marissa would have been wiser to spend all the money she is throwing away on Couric, on bright, talented engineers and programmers.


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