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Friday, March 22, 2013

Google's First Really Dumb Decision

All companies make stupid mistakes.  Google just made its first really, really dumb decision--killing Google Reader. There are many reasons this decision is short-sighted (other than alienating users, content creators, etc.), and here's just one--

Google Reader Still Drives Far More Traffic Than Google+: "According  to data from the BuzzFeed Network, a set of tracked partner sites that collectively have over 300 million users, Google Reader is still a significant source of traffic for news — and a much larger one than Google+."

That's right--a driver of internet traffic, with all that data, etc. Most internet sites would kill to get their hands on the users and data available across the internet via Google Reader. But Google is shutting it down. What stupidity!

Even smart guys sometimes make really, really stupid mistakes. This is Google's first.


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