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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rejection -- a Good Teacher

I came across the following in Metropolis Magazine about the High Line park in New York City--and I recommend it--whether you're in a start-up or not:

Rejection is a Good Teacher | Metropolis POV | Metropolis Magazine: "You need lots of rejections to get one sale. So instead of a daily sales goal, I reversed the normal rules of the game and developed a daily rejection goal. If I wasn’t getting rejected, I wasn’t trying hard enough. If I got a lot of rejections, I made my goal. . . . Sometimes rejection can be a good teacher. Sometimes you almost need to seek it out to be freed from it. When you see the High Line, I hope it reminds you that crazy dreams can come true, and if that is too precious, then maybe you can use my rejection game. It also works pretty well in bars."


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