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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Law and Order - 15 years for using Skype!

Law and Order Ethiopian Style--

Going to Ethiopia? If you use Skype, you could be there 15 years - latimes.com: "If you're heading to Ethiopia sometime soon, I'd like to offer you one small but crucial bit of advice: Don't get on Skype. The Ethiopian government last month passed a law making it a crime for people to utilize audio or video communication using Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services, which include Google Voice, Skype and essentially any other video chat service available. So what's the punishment? Well, the maximum penalty for breaking the law is 15 years in prison. That's right -- a decade and a half. . .
Ethiopia has a track record for censoring the communication activities of its journalists and citizens. . . . The country says the law is needed for national security and also to protect its monopoly of telephone communications, according to Reporters Without Borders. . . . Ethiopia telecom, the state's telecommunications provider that has the monopoly and charges very high prices -- and doesn't want to have its service undermined," former BBC Ethiopia correspondent Elizabeth Blunt told the BBC.

Yeah, I get it--sounds like what's been coming out of Washington, D.C.--NDAA or SOPA or CISPA anyone?


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