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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syria, Obama's Humiliating Defeat

Somewhere along the line, the Obama White House's incompetence, and lack of good judgment, got the better of the situation, and rather than stop and reassess (as most rational, responsible, sober-minded and competent adults would do), the Obama administration kept plunging ahead--losing friends, making enemies--and looking like a worse warmonger than even the Bush-Cheney regime. Heck, even the Pope has tried to put the brakes on this runaway train. If you are a friend of Barack Obama, I would suggest you contact him and tell him to withdraw his request to Congress for authorization to bomb Syria, and ask him to gracefully accept the wisdom of the American people that this is the wrong time, wrong place, and wrong way to use "American power." That would be a defeat but a respectful way past his missteps on Syria. Otherwise, he is headed for the most humiliating defeat of his Presidency, one which will not only permanently damage his Presidency, but the office he holds and the nation he serves, for years to come.

Obama Seeks Congressional Approval For Strikes While Insisting That He May Attack Regardless Of Lack Of Approval | JONATHAN TURLEY: "I have spoken to people at the Pentagon who have complained privately that there appears to be no adult supervision at the White House and that there is major opposition to this course in the military. The feeling is that Obama aides are drifting again into a war with wider implications and uncertain ends. What is left is utter confusion. You have a President who claims unchecked powers who wants to attack another nation." (read more at link above)

And I thought Valerie Jarrett was the adult supervision at the White House -- what happened?


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