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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama wants the US to help Al Qaeda slaughter Syrian Christians

UPDATE below* 

Obama's Syrian Insanity continues --

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: U.S. Going to Kill Syrians to Show Syria that Killing Syrians is Wrong: "Quote of the day goes to Abby Martin who says "We're killing Syrians to Show Syria that Killing Syrians is Wrong. I just cannot wrap my head around that". George Galloway (member of the UK Parliament) responded . . . "The next time you see President Obama happy clapping in a Christian church, tell him that Al Qaeda slaughtered the Christian people of Syria literally, their necks and throats cut, heads sawed off, the Christian churches on fire at the hands of Al Qaeda, paid for and armed by the United States of America."" (read more and watch video at links above)

and more Obama insanity . . .

U.S. Desperately Tries to Justify Syrian War … After Everyone Agrees to a Peaceful Solution | Washington's Blog

Syria Intelligence Being Manipulated EVEN MORE than in Iraq War | Washington's BlogWhite House – Not U.S. Intelligence Agencies – Prepared Report about Syrian Chemical Weapons

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: "If Americans Could Read Classified Documents They'd Be Even More Against Syrian War" (quoting a US Congressman who has read the classified documents)

Tonight watch Charlie Rose interview Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on the Charlie Rose show (Bloomberg TV, Tuesday 8 pm ET and 10 pm ET)

*OK here's the UPDATE -- as of 7:51 am (EDT US) Sept 10, 2013 --
John Kerry makes an offhand “rhetorical” remark yesterday that the US would not bomb Syria if it gave up its chemical weapons, Russia runs with the offer, Syria accepts, France is writing the UN resolution, Obama gives in -- "Kerry touched off the discussion with an off-hand remark that Syria could only avert military action if it turned over its weapons within a week. Kerry and his aides afterward claimed the secretary was merely making a "rhetorical" point. But Russia's foreign minister formally proposed the idea to Syria, and the Assad government said it welcomed the plan. As the United Nations secretary-general and several U.S. allies gravitated toward the proposal, the Obama administration conceded that it would seriously consider it. Obama went further in his interview with Fox News. "I welcome the possibility of the development," he said. "We should explore and exhaust all avenues of diplomatic resolution to this."" Read more at Report: Syria accepts Russian chemical arms proposal and Obama backs off red line 


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