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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Al Jazeera America destined for failure

Al Jazeera America has adopted a formula for failure: Cable TV only (no live video stream, no live YouTube, no live embeddable video stream), tired old re-treads for on-air "talent" -- no wonder these fools over-paid Al Gore for his "worthless" Current TV -- a fool and his money soon part ways! Contrast this with the hip and cool RT America (with Abby Martin et al) which is available not only on Cable TV, as well as live video streaming on the internet, and as embedded channel on other websites, (it also has YouTube channel for replays).

Al Jazeera America launches, but will Americans watch? - CBS News: " . . . . The birth of Al Jazeera America was made by possible by its parent company's deal in January to buy Current TV, a cable channel previously belonging to Al Gore, for an estimated $500 million. The transaction was immediately controversial. As soon as the sale of Current TV became public, Time Warner Cable (TWC) announced it would drop the station. Cablevision quickly followed suit. Yet even without the two cable distributors carrying its content, Al Jazeera America will still be available in roughly 48 million cable-connected households in the U.S. . . ."

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